Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design

Designing this bedroom for these repeat customers was a pleasure. The aim was to create more efficient storage whilst creating a calming and uncluttered room in which to relax.

We designed a false feature wall situated in the middle of the room. This created a ‘walk-in wardrobe’ feel ensuring everything was accessible and in its place but it acted as a separation between the functional purposes of the room and the relaxing, sleeping area.



The wardrobes that could be seen were fitted with doors to ensure a uncluttered feel. Subtle detailing such as the handles contributed to the overall soft and relaxing feel.



Floating bedside tables were highlighted by suspended pendant lights placed over them.



A curved dressing table was designed to enable a nice circulation space and flow around the room. Richard seen here fitting the lights in the wall mirror made in our own workshop.


What a fantastic result and our customer’s are over the moon!