House with the Blue Door

House with the Blue Door

This design was a challenge but a very rewarding one for me.

As my first design I was faced with learning how to understand measurements, a sense of scale, the use of different materials as well as ensuring that the customers got a space that suited the way they live and are proud of.

The narrow passageway, leading away from the main kitchen/living area lent itself to be used as the wet dirty area to hide dishes and answer the demands of kitchen life. As a space that we do not generally spend a lot of time in I decided that the boiler, dishwasher and sink area should be situated here. In doing so it enables the focus to be on the preparation and entertaining spaces of the kitchen.



The carefully situated curves throughout the layout not only softens the changes in depth or direction within the property but leads the person through the room, revealing more and more as they move around. I particularly am pleased with the angle of the curve on the island which, by being elongated, really achieves the above and gives a sense of drama to the room.




The AGA was one of the main features the customers wanted to emphasise however I did not want to surround it with a traditional molding but instead sought to achieve a striking, but nonetheless complimenting, contrast between tradition and the contemporary finish of the interiors. By keeping the walls simple and free from moldings the hand-built alcoves and shelving achieves a crisp and linear look that is subtle and allows the colours and textures to harmonise.



I have learnt a lot from watching this design come to life, including how best to foresee potential challenges, management of the job from planning & presenting stage right through to the finished room.

I am really excited to visit the house once the rest of the decoration has finished to see how the clients have made the space even more their own.